We know that you know your business better than anyone. At LORW we understand that Clients want us to listen to them, so we do.

About Us

Our Team focus on developing deep, collaborative client relationships and delivering innovative & sustainable solutions for your organisation. We tailor our approach to reflect your business and the way you want to partner with us - you tell us how we can be most useful, from being a hands-on coach for your employees through to developing strategy & business plans with senior managers.

In your organisation we work closely with people, processes and technology to implement practical improvements that really deliver tangible, long-lasting benefits to your business - all at a fair, competitive price. And before we leave, we make sure that your team have the right skills and understanding to carry on delivering performance improvement in the long term.

About Us

LORW can add value to most organisations from internet start-ups through to small private companies and multi-nationals. The work we do covers a wide range of disciplines covering a broad spectrum of industry sectors:

  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Not for Profit & Public Sector
  • Digital, Technology & Telecoms
  • Financial Services
  • Supply Chain & Distribution

Our team of internationally experienced consultants are practical people with both commercial know-how as well as consulting expertise - the right people with the right skills. They have lived and worked in many countries and so understand the realities of different cultures and the importance of the dynamics across and within markets.

“Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply” Stephen Covey